This site is dedicated to providing lawyers and legal practitioners, both domestic and globally, with a comprehensive source of Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency based legal information, jurisprudence, domestic and international standards, regulations, guidelines, treatises, and legal articles.  The emergence of BitCoin is impacting various fields of law including commercial, finance, consumer protection, economic policy, criminal law, tax law, and health care.


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Law Review Articles

Providing the latest scholarly Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency related legal, business, and E-commerce 

Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Scholarly Articles

There is an emerging set of academic scholarship regarding the advent bitcoin and cryptocurrencies
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Legal Cases and Jurisprudence

Providing a comprehensive listing of the latest Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency legal cases and jurisprudence 
With the past year or so, there are a number of International, United States Federal, and State related cases regarding Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies

Standards, Protocols, Regulations, Governance, Compliance and Guidelines

Emerging in the Industry are various standards and protocols governing Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency
Largely in response to consumer protection, the industry has formed various well-recognized standards and protocols regarding Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies
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